Getting started

After installing Inspect you are guided through how to connect your iOS device to your computer, and what additional pieces of software that you might need to install in order for Inspect to connect to your device.

Inspect is using the Chrome DevTools front-end to give you the industry-leading UI for iOS web debugging. You can use the Chrome DevTools docs to learn about the features in DevTools and how to use them.


Can Inspect debug Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on iOS?

Inspect can't debug Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on iOS due to limitations by Apple. See for details

Inspect on Windows can see my device, but it says "no targets found. Try to open Safari..." What to do?

This typically happens if you just enabled web inspector on your iOS device. Please try to force restart Safari or restart your iOS device to make sure the web inspector service is running on your device.

Inspect doesn't detect my app using WebViews, what do to?

Inspect is only enable to debug apps with WebViews when they are running in debug mode. This means that the app needs to have been installed via Xcode, and not via the AppStore or TestFlight. Apple doesn't allow debugging of the latter kind of apps, as they disable the debugging services for those WebViews.

How do I debug my local site with Inspect?

iOS doesn't support port forwarding to enable you to forward your localhost to the device. As a workaround we recommend a service like to enable a secure tunnel.

Windows Defender gives me a warning when opening Inspect?

Windows 10 gives a warning about Inspect because the Smart Scanner filter hasn't seen more than 1000 users using Inspect before.

Details in

Inspect can't find my iOS Simulator on MacOS

Inspect uses the simctl utility provided by Xcode to detect and interact with iOS simulators. Follow these guides to make sure simctl works correctly:

Billing FAQ

Inspect says my subscription has expired even though I bought a subscription

Inspect is using your email to identify your subscription, so if you used two different emails for your account and another when buying subscription things may have become out of sync.

Please contact [email protected] and we'll fix things for you.

Issues and bugs

We have a public bug tracker on GitHub.


You can see the Roadmap for Inspect on GitHub,

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